Medical Billing

We take care of your financials, so you can take care of your patients!

Our purpose is to render a personalised service to medical practitioners that will satisfy their unique needs. With our services we promote the financial stability of medical practices, without affecting or damaging the trust relationships between the medical practitioners and patients. In the busy world we life today all our medical practitioners work so hard to deliver the best quality service they can to ensure the health of each individual they treat. These professionals bearly find the time for anything except treating patient's. Where do they get time to personally attend to invoicing process, recording of transactions, submission of claims or debt collection. We supply a bouquet of services that addresses all the medical practitioner's needs. We have structured fees with no addditional of hidden costs and no fine print.

Our Consultation and Services include:

  • Meeting with you in person;
  • Determining your specific requirements;
  • Notifying any third parties (if necessary);
  • Professional and effective debt collection
  • Real time medical invoice processing;
  • User friendly and understandable reports;
  • A personal approach towards your patients.

We are looking forward to meet with you.

Contact Myrtle Oosthuizen if you enquire more information on this service.

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