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Vacancies & Career Opportunities

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The company is a rapidly growing registered professional Auditing and Accounting firm.
We are a highly ambitious and entrepreneurial South African firm. Our vision, mission, values and culture are therefore geared towards maintaining the spirit of growth and learning that made us grow into a successful firm.
We are proud of the diverse and broad range of public and private sector companies that make up our client base. As a flat structured organisation, we offer many opportunities for rapid individual learning, growth and promotion internally, with our unique business structures and style on mentoring and leadership. At the same time our work ethic is formidable, defined by a high level of self-discipline and focus as a company.

Accountancy as a Profession - Diagram (Extract from the SAICA website)

ACCA Training Certification (CMA's Certification as a ACCA Approved Employer)

If you are willing to carve your own destiny and are not afraid of challenges and learning to thrive independently, then we as a company definitely want you to be a part of our passionate and dynamic business team.